The Tech Revolution

When it comes to technology, we don’t always understand the words we hear when we hear people talk about tech. However, we do glean that tech is all around us, and that it’s doing good work for us from the shadows to make our lives easier every day. Tech has become heavily integrated into our daily lives these days, and it’s changed things for the better, in many ways. It has its downsides, of course, as anything does, but it’s been mostly positive. What I want from you today is to go through your day as normal, leaving this article loaded, and return to me later. When you come back, keep in mind all of the interactions you had to today with technology. What kinds of tech did you encounter, and how did it impact you? Likely, you’ll tell me you had little to no complaints, or, if you did have complaints, they were probably fairly petty. Tech is ubiquitous for a reason, after all. It’s generally a force or good, even if it’s sometimes misused.


When we think of how tech helps us, many things come to mind. For a fitness buff, Bowflex probably comes to mind, but a “nerd” might say online gaming helps them find friends despite their social anxiety. We all depend heavily on our smart phones, laptops, and other wi fi enabled devices for everything from checking the news and watching TV to Googling the answers to questions like “Who is the rude boy Rihanna is singing about?” Tech is a big part of our lives, one way or another, and it’s even starting to grow on older generations, and that’s rather impressive considering just how slow older generations always are to embrace change. However, it goes without saying that some things are just too good. Netflix’s promise of anything on demand for under ten dollars a month is just too good to pass up, for example, and YouTube being free seems impossible sometimes.

However, perhaps I’m being overly sentimental. I’m a millennial, after all, so this is my generation’s wheelhouse, and I’m almost 30 now, so it’s my turn to glorify the past. But, I’m trying to be objective, and the more I look at it, the more it seems to me to be the single most important advancement of any kind in human history, and I can’t wait to see what else comes of it.

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